Tips for How to Survive the Dating Scene During the Holidays


Ten key Dos and Don’ts of dating during the holidays from

Ten key Dos and Don’ts of dating during the holidays from


 The holidays can be a great time to be single and part of the dating scene – spending quality time with friends, getting oohs and aahs over your favorite party dress, and even the prospect of sharing family traditions for the first time with someone special.  But knowing how to survive the dating scene during the holidays can be tough.

With all the cheer can come a lot of stress and angst if you’re single and unattached or newly dating and trying to figure out how to best navigate all the demands and expectations of the season, like:

  • What to say to your nosy aunt who is always asking personal questions about your love life, or lack thereof?
  • Should you buy him a gift or not, and if so, what kind?
  • How to handle meeting family for the first time?
  • Are the holidays for couples, and if so, am I expected to bring a date?
  • Is it unreasonable to expect him to finally pop the question?
  • Why is he suddenly making himself scarce now that the holidays are almost here?

I feel your pain! And please know that a lot of other gals and guys do too. With roughly 40% of the adult workforce declaring themselves as “single,” you have a lot of company.

10 DOs and DON’Ts to Survive the Dating Scene During the Holidays


So to help relieve some of the pressure, I’ve put together ten key Dos and Don’ts of dating during the holidays that address the top issues I hear from singles about this time of year. Checkout my list in the feature article I did for DigitalRomance here.

Most importantly, stay focused on the true meaning of the holiday season and don’t put undue pressure on yourself or your relationship. Remember to live smart and remain savvy in love.

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