Find Out if Your Relationship is Headed for Trouble and What You Should Do

No matter how much you profess to being “in love” or how desperately you want it to last, there’s a high probability your relationship doesn’t have the staying power to make a marriage work. Why?

Because nearly fifty percent of first-time marriages end in divorce, as do an even higher percentage of second marriages. Are there warning signs that point to a relationship headed for, or already in trouble? Is there anything you can do? The answers are yes and yes.

If any of the following sound familiar, then this free quiz is for you:

  • It feels like love and you have a lot of chemistry, but you’re always butting heads.
  • You’ve been together so long that you can’t imagine breaking up, but you wonder if he’s really the one.
  • You’re not sure how committed he really is to the relationship.

The quiz will help you quickly spot problem areas in your relationship that could spell trouble now or down the road for you and your partner. And, once you know how your relationship measures up, I’ll share three critical steps you may need to take now! Why wait until after you’re married to realize that he was never your Mr. Right.