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Here’s an example of what other women are saying about the book:

“For me, this book offered real advice for real women and it was refreshing to learn about attracting Mr. Right from a woman who obviously understands how easy it is to fall for the wrong guy hoping it will somehow work out. She goes right to the heart of what our vulnerabilities are and why it’s so hard sometimes to walk away from a relationship that you know, down deep, isn’t the right one. She demonstrates amazing insight into how many women think and approach the dating process.” — Lisa (Amazon)

Of the 2.2M couples who marry each year,
nearly half will end up divorced

It’s a sad truth that too many women think they’re in love or settle for the wrong guy instead of waiting until they find a true keeper. But how do you know if you’ve found love with Mr. Right or you’re clinging to a relationship that isn’t worth pursuing? The reality is no dating “system” out there will help a woman land the man of her dreams or make a relationship last if she’s trying to hook the wrong guy.

This book goes to the heart of the problem—how to quickly recognize Mr. Wrong and make the changes needed to attract the kind of men you truly want and deserve.

What the Savvy Gal knows…you’ll quickly learn:

  • The 10 types of men you must throwback and why
  • How to avoid the 10 biggest mistakes women make in love
  • The surprising truth about why women fall for the wrong guy
  • How to let go and cut the line on Mr. Wrong
  • How to use the power of attraction to manifest Mr. Right into your life
  • Ten sure-fire strategies for finding the love you truly deserve—starting today
  • And much more!

“I think all single women could benefit from reading this book. The author does a great job conveying the message that women need to take control of their love lives and learn how to be the one doing the choosing. Who would dare fall for Mr. Wrong after reading about the ten men you must throwback and the reasons why! I thought the book was so different from other dating advice books I’ve read because it really addresses the issue of falling for the wrong guy and offers real-world advice for how to attract the right ones. If you’re a woman who’s dating life is less than what you’d like it to be, you won’t regret taking the time to read this book.”

Vanessa (Amazon)

So, Is He a Keeper?

As a woman who lived it, learned from it, and learned to love again, this time with Mr. Right. I know what it’s like to fall for the wrong guy. But, all that changed when I uncovered the key to thinking and attracting love like the savvy gals. And now I want to empower single women everywhere by sharing the techniques that helped me, and so many others, find lasting love. I wrote this book as a straight-forward, practical guide to finding the right man and getting what you want in love.

By reading this book, I hope women will change their thinking from seeing themselves as bait—the one being chosen—to being the one doing the choosing and understand that you won’t hook Mr. Right if you keep hanging onto Mr. Wrong.

This book offers honest answers, sensible solutions, and real hope for any gal who is sick of being alone, tired of attracting the wrong guys, never seems to meet any decent men, wants to be sure she has found the kind of love that will last, or is struggling with a relationship that isn’t going anywhere. It’s time to take control of your love life and “catch” the kind of love you truly want and deserve.

For every book sold, I’m donating 10% of the profits to help fight domestic violence.

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