The Art of the Flirt: How to Use Two of Your Best Assets to Attract the Opposite Sex

Flirting couple

It’s a proven fact that men and women alike are hard-wired to flirt with each other. Likewise, we’re programmed to recognize and respond to the subtle and not so subtle signs of flirtatious behavior. Whether it’s the way a woman will tilt her head and twirl or flip her hair, or the way a man stands with his chest puffed out, we are “trained” to pick up on the signals and use them as an invitation to engage in conversation and/or physical contact. It’s the biological mating game everyone is playing to attract the opposite sex – better known as the Art of the Flirt.

But, for some of you women, the idea of flirting makes you uncomfortable. You’re convinced that flirting just isn’t something you know how to do. In your mind, it’s an attraction technique better left to the outgoing or the beautiful people – neither of which you’d use to describe yourself. Well, you couldn’t be more wrong. In fact, you’ve probably flirted and not even realized it. How do I know? Because, you have two great assets that are perfect for flirting and so easy to use even a child could do it. As a matter of fact, children do! Ever hear of peek-a-boo!

The Art of the Flirt – Your Two Best Assets

What are these flirt-ready assets? They are your eyes and your smile. It’s that simple and they’ll work for you every time.

Making eye contact is one of the most effective ways to get a guy’s attention. When you make and hold eye contact, you’ve sent the signal that you truly see him and for a guy – because he needs very little encouragement – that’s all it takes to register in his brain as an invitation to approach.

Then, when you have him locked in a gaze, you smile – a nice, friendly grin. Even a shy, coy smile will work. A simple smile conveys so much. It radiates warmth, friendliness, and even confidence which together cement the invitation to approach in the mind of a man.

So you don’t have to be the pretty, life-of-the-party “flirty girl” to use the art of the flirt to attract a guy. Just use your two best assets as I’ve described and have some fun. You’re sure to get some attention from the opposite sex.

But remember, because flirting comes so naturally, it can also be easily misinterpreted. Have you ever experienced “friendly flirting” or thought a friend might be flirting with you? Check out my recent article for entitled: What Does It Mean When “Friends Flirt” and How Should You Handle It?

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